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Top 10 Identity and Access Management Companies in Europe - 2020

In the modern IT environment, organizations have to know who is accessing what, when, where, why, and how. That’s where a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution comes into play. It is a necessity for businesses dealing with critical information and data which is not something to be overlooked. The IAM platforms are poised to not only dominate cybersecurity but to completely subsume it. Identity concerns have become top-of-mind for IT security professionals and personnel all over the world. Not only do they need to ensure the identity of the users, but they must also ensure that employees’ entitlements are limited by their duties, that their privileged credentials are secure, and that their authentication methods can’t be easily deceived. Hence, it is essential to adopt IAM systems for providing a superior level of healthcare services by meeting regulatory demands.

The implementation of IAM solutions across various industries including IT & telecom, BFSI, public utilities, and healthcare also leads to higher market demand. IAM companies in Europe and the UK are entering into strategic cooperative relationships, enabling customers to take advantage of the collaborative offerings. Bolstered by success, the IAM platforms are being positioned to help businesses thrive in an era of unprecedented change. To help the business decision-makers understand new technologies and market trends impacting IAM, and to guide overall strategy for investments in technology solutions, Cyber Security Review presents “Top 10 Identity and Access Management Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Identity and Access Management Companies in Europe

  • ADUCID’s Universal & Distributed architecture proves that authentication can be a breeze for the users even when built on bulletproof security

  • GreyCorbel Solutions focuses on the delivery of quality IT services and the development of commercial and custom software solutions for the Windows platform. The company empowers enterprises with services and solutions for data protection, and also integrates services and solutions in the most valuable asset of companies to eliminate the risk of losing business data. Backed by years of rich experience in IT security, the experts at GreyCorbel Solutions can effectively capitalise on designing or implementing customised security solutions such as Identity management. At the core, GreyCorbel Solutions solves the complex challenges around authentication and communication

  • Since its establishment in 1999, MobiWeb has been providing global SMS Messaging, Voice and Telecom Services for B2B, B2C and C2C mobile interaction. Headquartered in Hong Kong, MobiWeb has offices in Belize, Greece, Romania, Turkey and UK. MobiWeb’s international presence in 4 continents ensures client satisfaction covering local and international business needs through a wide range of high quality and easy-to-integrate solutions. Being a licensed MNO and Fixed Carrier in several countries with its own direct ss7 capabilities, MobiWeb is the ideal partner for companies that demand high quality SMS messaging services, meeting the most demanding enterprise requirements

  • A cybersecurity and authorizations technology specialist that offers exclusive advisory services as well as best-in-class IAM solutions to shield intricate business information from falling into the wrong hands. QUANTO Solutions’ IAM offerings include QUANTO-SEC, QUANTO-GO, and QUANTO-Connect, all of which stand tall as a collective force to reckon with against cyber-fraudsters trying to find vulnerabilities and gain access into an enterprise system infrastructure. With the release of QUANTO-GO/DS, QUANTO Solutions now allows the intelligent integration of SAP systems within data lakes. The company has also upgraded the program to provide S/4HANA compatibility, and in turn, further enhancing its IAM range of services and solutions



    IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel), in the physical as well as digital space. IDEMIA’s services help to protect citizens’ identities and ensure citizens and governments alike that each delivered identity is unique and can be trusted at all times. IDEMIA is the one-stop-shop for effectively securing and managing the entire value chain from ID registration and verification to issuing digital and traditional fraud-resistant IDs.

  • Identity Maestro

    Identity Maestro

    Identity Maestro is a leading provider of simplified Identity Orchestration and Management. It is designed for solution architects, IDM and IAM project managers, line of business application owners and busy IT administrators who need to find a simpler way to securely delegate identity management and account creation tasks to front-line staff - without having to train them on multiple account management tools that are complex and often require full admin rights and security permissions.

  • Indeed Identity

    Indeed Identity

    Indeed Identity is the Lithuanian-based software vendor of Smart-card management system, Enterprise Authentication and Enterprise Single Sign-On systems. The first system instances were delivered to customers in 2009. Currently, the system contains tens of functional components. It can easily be integrated to technological partners’ systems and supports all the commercially available authentication technologies and smart card types



    Established in 2003, ITSENSE has been an established IT company specializing in the areas of Enterprise IAM (EIAM), Customer IAM (CIAM), Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and Single Sign-On (SSO). ITSENSE’s services cover all phases for a successful implementation of an identity and access management project. The company’s expertise and proximity to customers allow a holistic view of the organization, processes, IT and security. ITSENSE’s competencies include IT projects under the highest security conditions, suitable for banking at cantonal and private banks as well as major Swiss banks.

  • SailPoint


    SailPoint Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company's software integrates role management, access request management, and compliance management solutions that help enterprises to capture control over user access to streamline IT compliance processes and reduce the risks of fraud. Its products include IdentityIQ, which is an identity governance solution that gives enterprises the visibility into and control over user access and streamlines complex processes; IdentityIQ Compliance Manager, which integrates access certification, policy enforcement, and activity monitoring capabilities and automates the auditing, reporting, and management activities; and IdentityIQ Role Manager that helps organizations to create, enforce, and verify role-based access in enterprise applications.

  • WiB Solutions

    WiB Solutions

    Offers unique two-factor authentication solutions that simplifies identity and authentication management and drive user experience in using online services

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